Relevant aspects 2014

  • Growth above that of the market in the three categories in which the Business participates in Colombia: cold cuts, long life and frozen dishes.
  • Continuity in the process of optimizing the portfolio of brands and products, which consolidated Zenú as leader in Colombia.
  • Increased coverage in the points of sale in Colombia, achieving 73%, the highest in history.
  • Increased efficiencies in the integral operation of the Business, from sourcing of raw materials to product delivery to clients.
  • Adjustment to the production and commercial processes, to be more flexible and adequately attend a changing market in Venezuela.
  • Consolidation of operations in Venezuela to the SICAD II rate.
  • Consolidation of the production operation in Panama City, increasing competitiveness, and adjustment of the portfolio of brands and products, which achieved a greater impact on the market.






Strategic challenges 2015img_txt_15

  • Continue streamlining the categories in which we participate.
  • Implement new attention models to convenience–store channels.
  • Maintain the high positioning of brands and products and have greater presence in customer refrigerators.
  • Research and develop innovative concepts in wellness, nutrition, health and food safety, to meet the needs of a more discerning,informed consumer, thus achieving the sustainability of the business.
  • Search constantly for novel schemes for the efficient, competitive sourcing of raw materials, to minimize cost volatility.
  • Increase efficiencies in the distribution model.






Diego Medina Leal

[In Nutresa since 1997]