Relevant aspects 2014

  • Good national and international dynamics, in line with the consolidated growth of Grupo Nutresa.
  • The Snacking Portfolio, composed of chocolate candy, snacks and cereals, presented an excellent sales dynamics, achieving a total share of more than 50% of the Chocolate Business total sales.
  • The price of cocoa, with high volatility and increases of more than 40%, affect the profitability of the Business.
  • Consumption dynamics in Peru, Mexico and Costa Rica are in line with the behavior of the local economies.






img_txt_54Strategic challenges 2015

  • Compensate the impact on profitability due to the higher cost of raw materials, to achieve efficiencies in the operation, effective innovation and strategies to adequately compete in the regions in which the Business is present.
  • Streamline the category of lower growths, with innovation in modern products that provide convenience and practicality.
  • Support the increase in per–capita consumption in the category of snacking products, advancing a strategy with differentiated value proposals and the development of functional, nutritional and healthy products.
  • Increase specialization and boost exports of the productive platforms abroad, to strengthen their integration and strategic priority within the different categories of the Chocolate Business.
  • Consolidate and strengthen the cocoa sustainability programs and their activities on farms and in factories.



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Jorge Eusebio Arango López

[In Nutresa since 1991]