Relevant Aspects 2014

  • Consolidation of the business–management system, in which the mega brand and omnichannel sales networks are integrated, supported in a profound understanding of the market.
  • Sales networks are strengthened through a focus on strategic brands, effective innovation and portfolio segmentation.
  • In the mass networks, the management in a point of sale is strengthened in all the channels. The modern channel grows through a commercial relationship characterized by collaborative work and joint construction.
  • In stores and convenience stores, we launched a massification model of commercial developers, which has generated a positive impact.
  • Qualification with a level of excellence against international standards in satisfaction and loyalty. Recognized as the best mass–consumer supplier in Colombia.
  • In the specialized networks, Novaventa and La Recetta achieved excellent performance by presenting double–digit sales growth.





Perspectives 2015

  • Develop our commercial–management system, according to changes in the environment and the incorporation of knowledge of the shopper by segment, to accompany our clients in their rotation and profitability processes.
  • Effectively implement value proposals that accompany the development of the modern channel and its different formats.
  • Advance in consolidating the commercial–management model through the omnichannel strategy.
  • Design and implement digital platforms.


Álvaro Arango Restrepo

[In Nutresa since 2001]