Biomass as Fuel

Grupo Nutresa continues using subproducts, coffee grounds, tea grounds and cocoa husks, as alternatives to the consumption of fossil fuels. The energy assessment of the grounds represents 14% of the total Grupo Nutresa energy basket in Colombia. We have saved approximately 273,280 GJ of energy for an approximate value of COP 8.945 Billion.

This initiative contributed to the decrease in the contribution of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) to the atmosphere of 20,378 tons of CO2e by using natural gas; instead, we emitted 25,075 tons of neutral CO2e, which did not contribute to global warming, as well as taking advantage of industrial waste, avoiding an impact in the landfill.



Controlled and Intelligent System for Air Compressors; the Pasta Business

We installed a controlled, intelligent system for air compressors, which measures the demand for compressed air and consumes only the energy needed to satisfy the demands of the production plant. This project permitted a reduction of 18% in the electric energy used by the compressors in 2014, compared to previous years, which represents a savings of 159,599 kWh/year, equal to a savings of COP 34 million.



The Use of Hydrogen in Cargo Transport; the Distribution Businesses

In one of the cargo – transport vehicles of the Chocolate Business, we installed equipment that generates hydrogen from an electrochemical process. The hydrogen obtained enriches the fuel mixture, making it more efficient in terms of consumption and reducing gas emissions. This implementation led to a validation process using hydrogen equipment, to prove its efficiency in transporting heavy loads. We obtained an annual reduction of 7.7% (COP 8.3 million) in fuel consumption and an 87.5% decrease in emissions, with a reduction of CO2e emissions of 11.8 t/year. This practice can be replicated in the other Grupo Nutresa businesses.



Improvement Process to Reuse Water in Pasteurization Equipment; the Ice Cream Business

In its plant in Bogotá, the Ice Cream Business implemented an improvement process to reuse the water from pasteurization equipment, recovering the liquid with which equipment is sterilized; it is then stored and used to manufacture mixtures. The recovery of high – temperature water permitted reducing the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) load, allowing savings of 240 m3/year.



Reuse of Stage III Waters; the Pasta Business

In the Pasta Business plant in Mosquera, we advanced in the third stage of the project to use industrial water, by using treated wastewater to feed indirect cooling processes, reducing the direct consumption of potable water. The water system for reuse is divided into three main parts:

  • Treatment: The water passes through a filtration system, ionic – exchange units, ultrafiltration and, finally, through inverse – osmosis equipment.
  • Storage: The system has a softened water – storage tank that functions as a treated – water reserve to be used in the distribution system for technical services.
  • Pumping: The softened water stored in the tank by means of a pump, sends the liquid to the osmosis equipment which may then be used in the technical services.

The implementation of the use of Stage III waters increased the reuse of treated wastewater and decreased the total discharge by 30%.  The total potable – water consumption used in the plant was reduced by 11%.  In 2014, 4,908 m3/year were reused.



Rainforest Alliance Coffee

Within the products that avoid emissions in their manufacture, noteworthy is coffee with the Rainforest Alliance certification; this seal ensures that the coffee crop (raw material) does not use agrochemicals, which reduces GHG emissions associated with the manufacture and use of fertilizers and agrochemicals, generally used in traditional crops.

The Rainforest Alliance certified roasted and ground coffee is assembled for the Walmart retail chain with its brands “Daily Chef Breakfast,” “Breakfast Whole Bean” and “Sam’s Choice Breakfast Blend.”

Additionally, since 2014, we produce the Rainforest Alliance certified instant coffee, assembled for the multi – level company ZRII, with its brand “Rise.”

In 2014, Grupo Nutresa sold USD 4.5 Million (equal to 460 tons) in Rainforest – Alliance certified coffee products.  These sales represent 3.4% of the export sales of the Coffee Business.



Coffee Project, Aguadas Caldas.



Carbon Neutral

Grupo Nutresa has a Carbon Neutral product in its portfolio; this is the first Carbon Neutral beverage in the Chilean market.  For this, we determined the carbon footprint of the product and from this diagnosis, we carried out several actions to improve the energy efficiency in production processes.



After the reduction actions, to obtain the bonds needed to compensate the emissions in its own processes, the company joined the “Parque Eólico de Totoral” Project in the Coquimbo region in Chile and the REDD+ Project for the reforestation and conservation of the virgin forest in the State of Acre in Brazil.  All the projects have the VCS Standard Certification.

The Organization has advanced in calculating the carbon footprint in six groups of products, namely Biscuits, Chocolate, Sausage, Coffee, Ice Cream and Pasta and more than 30 references, in addition to the calculation and verification by the Colombian Institute of Technical Standards (the Instituto Colombiano de Normas Técnicas, ICONTEC) of the product carbon footprint for 30 references of TOSH Biscuits (PAS 2050), as well as the calculation and verification of the carbon footprint for the processes in Coffee and Chocolates (ISO 14061 – 1 and 14064 – 3).