Relevant aspects 2014

  • Successful launch of the Tosh brand in the category of healthy snacks, which strengthened the Wellness portfolio, which grew 35%.
  • Effective innovation in the principal brands of the Business, generating valorization in the category and contributing more than COP 60 Billion during the year.
  • Successful brand management, with value increases for consumers, loyalty and household penetration. This allowed for greater, continuous participation in the market in the last two years in Colombia and consolidated our leadership in a highly competitive environment.
  • Segmentation model of the portfolio by channel, which has improved the competitiveness of the brands.
  • Construction of the cracker–production plant in the United States, a high–potential market.
  • Efficiencies with improved profitability through the proper negotiation of raw materials and packaging, lower production costs and a demanding control of expenditures.






Strategic challenges 2015img_t_030_ING

  • Continue the effective innovation strategy, which allowed us to maintain high growth rates in the nutrition and wellness portfolios.
  • Strengthen portfolio proposals segmented by channels, to ensure competitiveness and access to consumers.
  • Search permanently for improvements in productivity and efficiencies in production costs.
  • Begin operations to produce crackers in the United States, which will improve the competitive position and scale of the biscuit business in this country.
  • Strengthen capacities to seize market opportunities in Ecuador, Peru and Chile, supported in the Grupo Nutresa brand model and the production and distribution platforms.






Alberto Hoyos Lopera

[In Nutresa since 1993]