Servicios Nutresa was one of the six Group companies certified as a Healthy Organization.


The development of human talent is part of the Grupo Nutresa strategic objectives and translates into the value proposition that it makes to its employees, focusing its work on the implementation of policies, practices and investments that improve the quality of life; promote safe, healthy work environments; and encourages the development of skills and leadership to strengthen a culture that appreciates diversity and inclusion.

The main risks identified in talent management are related to the ability to attract and retain current and new employees, the development of safe operations, the management of contractors to ensure compliance with labor standards in all operations, and the development of leaders who contribute to creating a results–oriented labor environment, with sensitivity to people and awareness of the importance of respect for human rights and good labor practices.

To minimize the risks mentioned above, we have a talent–management model that also involves contractors, to which is added a certification plan for all the businesses, in 2020, in Healthy Organizations, Family–Responsible Companies, OHSAS 18001 and labor standards.

Since one of the principal labor risks is the violation of the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining and the non–compliance of labor standards by contractors, we began a program to train leaders, unions and workers’ representatives, on the construction of effective agreements and conversations and we programmed social audits for contractors with the greatest risk. In 2014, 216 people attended the training programs. The goal in 2020 is that the positions with the greatest vulnerability in this risk will attend training programs.

The risks mentioned pose great work opportunities for us. For this reason, national and international platforms will intervene in the 2020 strategy through tactical plans.



The year 2014 was one in which we continued advancing and strengthening the management of good labor practices.


Organizational climate G4-EC5

Grupo Nutresa was once again highlighted in 2014 as one of the best organizations to work in Colombia, according to the MERCO PERSONAS study. Likewise, some of the national and international businesses received recognition for their excellent management of organizational climate by CINCEL, the Organizational Behavior Research Center.

The results in organizational climate continue to place Grupo Nutresa at a level of excellence; in 2014, it achieved an indicator of 84.0%. This indicator places the Organization well below the rotation indicators in the food sector. The variables most appreciated by employees were quality of leadership, organizational clarity and coherence and collective values. In salaries, Grupo Nutresa is also located on a competitive scale, allowing employees to achieve satisfactory levels of quality of life. Thus, 100% of the employees are above the legal minimum wage defined by each country where we have significant operations.

Wellness activity with the Cold Cuts Business employees in Santa Marta.


Employment generation

Job stability and job creation are variables well perceived by the Grupo Nutresa related groups. For this reason, and as a result of the diversity and inclusion policy, we have been working on the “equality of opportunities for all.” In 2014, we went from 36.726 to 38.796 employees, through direct– and indirect–hiring systems and we have been working to incorporate the gender–equality regulation, which has allowed us to identify opportunities to generate labor practices that satisfy the needs of men and women irrespective of gender. We have also updated the selection policy, which clearly expresses the possibility of men and women participating in equal opportunities in the selection processes. Likewise, the salary assessment policy and system do not consider gender as a variable to assign points, nor are quotas used as a mechanism to ensure gender equality to avoid negative discrimination. Conversely, we actively use the diversity and inclusion policy, the selection policy and the training policy to ensure an authentic attitude of opportunities for all. Currently, 151 people with disabilities work in some of the Grupo Nutresa operations.

Colaboradores del Negocio de Chocolates en Perú.

Chocolate Business employees in Peru.


Direct employees by gender, age and category 


Indirect employees G4-10



Geographic distribution of direct employment G4-10




Employment of person with disabilities G4-10 G4-LA12



Wellness activity for Servicios Nutresa employees in Cali


Health and safety at work G4-LA6



In 2014, all the safety, health and wellness strategies were integrated at work through the EFR 1000–1 “Family–Responsible Companies,” “Healthy Organizations” and OHSAS 18001 standards, with which we had a greater impact on results. This was how we obtained certification for six of the Grupo Nutresa companies and achieved a positive evolution in the accident indicators, from an indicator of 3,17 in 2013 to 2,62 in 2014, which places Grupo Nutresa well below the accident rate in the food sector. These indicators have also been evolving with contractors, who achieved an accident rate of 5,39. During 2014, there were no employee or contractor deaths.


Another strategy that reinforces Grupo Nutresa’s commitment to health and safety at work is the implementation of a standardized methodology to assess the future economic impact of absenteeism due to occupational diseases. With this tool we are making new technological investments viable, aimed at preventing significant labor risks. This supports the productivity goal of the Mega 2020, by which we expect a 5% year–over–year increase in the volume produced per hour of direct labor (Kg/Hmod).

During 2014, we achieved an average increase of 4,3% in the 29 plants that participate in the measurement of this indicator; they have begun to implement their projects. To achieve this goal, we have determined an intervention plan for each plant, so that by 2020, they are more competitive thanks to their increased productivity, lower absenteeism and lower occupational risks.

Within the system of safety management and occupational health, the ProHealth (ProSalud) Committees, the Primary Committees in Occupational Safety and Health, the Health and Emergency Brigades, and the Human Rights Committees have played an important role, and we have identified high–impact risks and formulated joint work plans with unions and experts. One hundred percent (100%) of the direct employees serve on one or more committees, while an investment of COP 20.820 Billion has been made in training programs and allocation of resources for their effective functioning. G4-EC8

The investment in quality–of–life and occupational safety and health programs amounted to COP 711 Million and were focused on preventing and promoting safe and healthy lifestyles, preventing cardiovascular disease, having smoke–free spaces, a balanced diet, and sports, among others. Also, we have continued with the home ownership plan and sponsored the training of employees and their families through subsidies granted.



Training and Leadership G4-LA9_G4-LA10

Investment in training programs, the development of skills and leadership was COP 8.195 Billion and was aimed at improving specific skills in the corporate business and transversal units, including innovation, digital marketing, leadership 2.0, diversity and inclusion and brand management, among others. These programs were complemented with development programs of being, such as the Interior Traveler, Live with Sense and Managing Yourself. A total of 1,066 leaders took part in the training programs in leadership, innovation, strategy, finances and marketing in renowned universities abroad. Likewise, we continued with retirement–preparation programs for employees who were near retirement.

Novaventa employees’ coaching and development scenarios.


Convinced of the importance of managing employee performance to ensure their progress and contribute to achieving results, in 2014 we began the implementation of a new human–talent information system with a more sophisticated performance module that will allow us to locate employees in the competencies vs. performance matrix, as well as identify the performance curve in which they are found. For 2014, 8,008 direct employees were given “feedback” by their leaders about their performance.

In order to respond to the challenges of Grupo Nutresa’s internationalization, we updated the ex–pat and internship policy, to promote the development of global and multicultural capabilities in the professionals in the different companies. In each region, we continue to stimulate the work of local professionals to complement the rotation of employees in other regions through the different platforms. In 2014, 21 employees were in internship programs and 34 had ex–pat status. With this strategy, we hope to achieve greater diversity and complement the local and regional capacities of the Grupo Nutresa professionals.

Strengthening leadership attributes has been a permanent job in the Company because through leaders, we build culture and achieve results. For this reason, we updated the leadership model in accordance with new market trends; the transversal skills of all employees were defined. A collective sense, innovation and change, development of oneself and others, passion for clients and consumers, thought without borders, sustainable vision and inspiration to achieve will be capacities on which Grupo Nutresa will focus aspects related to training and selection programs. All the members of the Grupo Nutresa Steering Committee were evaluated in these competencies with the challenge of continuing to strengthen their leadership through development plans.

Closing of the “Fulfilled Adulthood” program in Medellin, from the Cold Cuts.

Closing of the “Fulfilled Adulthood” program in Medellin, from the Cold Cuts


Employee training G4-LA9



Programs for skills management and training G4-LA10



Regular performance evaluations G4-LA11


Relationship between beginning salary and the local minimum salary G4-EC5




Top management from the local community G4-EC6


Hirings and rotation index G4-LA1



Minimum forewarning notice periods for operational changes G4-LA4

Whenever a change is implemented with an important impact for different workers in the Grupo Nutresa companies, the persons directly affected or benefitted by the change are informed at least two weeks in advance; the former are involved in a change agenda that allows them to satisfactorily migrate to this new reality.

In considering how these issues are appropriately handled in the Organization, none of the union or nonunion workers who have sighed collective work agreements has seen the need to establish a minimum period in any of these contracts for notice about significant changes, since the period the Organization has always given has been sufficient.


Relationship between beginning salary and the local minimum salary G4-LA13



Complaints about labor practices G4-LA16





Future vision

Looking ahead, strategies will be focused on different fronts.

We will maintain management to attract and retain the best talent, strengthening a culture that appreciates diversity and inclusion in all its forms. For this purpose, we will develop training programs for leaders and work teams and we will support diversity practices as well as inclusion for people with disabilities, the hiring of people of different nationalities and the promotion of open summons to fill vacancies in all platforms in which we operate.

We will work to incorporate the gender–equality regulation, strengthening labor practices that favor equal opportunities for men and women. By 2015, one of the Grupo Nutresa businesses will be certified in the Gender Equality Seal awarded by the Colombian Ministry of Labor and in 2020, all the companies will perform their respective diagnoses and plans for closing gaps.

Continuity will be given to teamwork with unions and collective–bargaining leaders, achieving greater alignment between the needs of employees and the possibilities for companies to ensure the sustainability of the agreements.

We will strengthen the management and prevention of occupational disease and the development of skills in labor relocation, seeking that employees complete their work cycle in dignified conditions and without deterioration in their quality of life. 

We will continue managing contractors and marketers to minimize the risk of non–compliance of labor standards, and the indicators of accidents will be improved, betting on achieving an indicator of zero accidents and zero fatalities.

We aim to have all the Grupo Nutresa Companies certified as Healthy Organizations by 2020.

Also, we will advance in developing a leadership that demands results and that accompanies the growth and performance of people. Similarly, we will assure transversal skills for the Grupo Nutresa leader in the selection process, as well as in management evaluation and employee performance.

Likewise, the focus will be on developing business capabilities through training programs and in preparing new organizational relays through internship programs and the transfer of professionals among the businesses.


Some initiatives


The diversity and inclusion policy

Incorporation of the Diversity and Inclusion policy and programs, achieving greater sensitivity in leaders and employees about the importance of generating inclusive work scenarios based on respect for differences.

Incorporation of the “Equipares” gender–equality regulation in one of the Grupo Nutresa businesses and the identification of work opportunities aimed at strengthening equal opportunities for men and women.

Strengthening of the inclusion program for people with disabilities, renewing the alliance of the Pact for Productivity through foundations that are expert in the matter. In this topic, 26 people were trained through an investment of COP 97 Million.



Family–Friendly Company Certifications.

Family–Friendly Company Certifications.


Managing occupational health and safety in contractors

Through a contractor–management system, we defined the health and safety indicators at work and implemented an assurance process and defined goals in terms of accidents, absenteeism and prevention of occupational disease.


Certification in healthy organizations

Six Grupo Nutresa companies achieved certification as Healthy Organizations and Family–Responsible Companies, which shows their interest in promoting work environments that contribute to the quality of life of employees and their families.


Updating the leadership model

We updated the Grupo Nutresa leadership model, incorporating leader capabilities aligned with the new challenges of the business. Also, we defined the transversal competencies common to all Grupo Nutresa employees.


Active pauses in the Ice Cream Business. Servicios Nutresa Health Day.

Active pauses in the Ice Cream Business
Servicios Nutresa Health Day.