Integral risk–management and main risks of the business img_t_424

In order to ensure the proper management of risks that the development of its operations implies, Grupo Nutresa has an Integral Risk–Management Model covering all the businesses and bodies of the Organization, from the Board of Directors, through its Finance, Audit and Risk Committee, to the operational areas, through the integrated management systems, among others.

Additionally, the model includes the Integral Risk–Management Policy and Methodology, which is aligned with Standard ISO 31000, which facilitates the development of risk assessment and mitigation processes, according to the following level of risk appetite:




In 2014, the annual assessment of corporate risks at the Grupo Nutresa level was conducted, and their rating was made, considering the criteria of probability of occurrence and impact on the strategy. Based on this analysis, risk maps were updated, where the main business risks, which are described below, were identified, and for which the most relevant management and treatment measures are highlighted:



The process to identify and analyze corporate risks contemplated a Top–Down focus, considering the internal and external contexts of Grupo Nutresa, and all the material issues of the Organization. Thus, we identified a total of 22 risks classified in the different categories that are summarized below:

Corporate risks