To define the content of its integrated report, in 2013 Grupo Nutresa implemented a process of analyzing those aspects that could most affect its ability to generate value. This process was conducted with the assistance of an independent external firm and was performed by applying the definition of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 report framework.

In the process, 24 issues were defined that, because of their effect, are relevant in the management of the Organization and for its stakeholders.

This is the result of the analysis of the opinions of the groups, trends in the food sector, industry peers, and assessments in which Grupo Nutresa participates, among others. The issues defined were rated according to their financial impacts, corporate policies, social and cultural environment, sectorial context and regulatory environment.

This exercise and its results were validated by the Corporate Committee, the Board of Directors and representatives of the stakeholders: Investors, Clients, Suppliers and the Community (Institutions and NGOs).

In 2014, the results of this process were presented through the sustainability report. Socialization for the internal stakeholders was conducted through exercises that explained the relevance of the analysis to execute the sustainability strategy of Grupo Nutresa.


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