Doria Stuffed Pasta

To promote new consumption moments and innovate the category, Doria launched three new flavors of stuffed pasta: Ravioli with Ham, Ravioli with Cheese and Spinach, and Tortellini with Vegetables. These new references became an excellent alternative for Colombian families seeking to accompany special moments.



img_t_117Doria Kids with the image of the Rio 2 movie

In line with the objective of increasing per–capita consumption of pasta in Colombia, and from childhood, Doria Kids was renewed; to do this, it brought all the joy and fun of the characters in the Rio 2 movie. Doria Kids recreates the form of the characters in the movie and, together with macaroni and cheese, became an ideal food choice for children.


Tortellini with Prosciutto and Ricotta–Spinach


The Monticello brand continued to expand its portfolio with the new presentation of tortellonis, one of its stuffed–pasta references. The Monticello tortelloni has twice the content and size of other similar products in the market, and, for this reason, it has a more intense flavor and a more attractive presentation for Colombian consumers.


img_t_119Monticello Fettuccine 500 grams

Monticello’s 500–gram Fettuccini reached the Colombian market to complement the portfolio of long pasta. Fettuccine is one of the figures preferred by consumers, since its flat shape gives a special presentation and flavor to dishes. It is made with 100% Durum wheat in bronze molds that give it a particular texture for greater adherence of the sauce


Doria instant macaroni and cheese


Doria instant macaroni and cheese is prepared in just three minutes, in the microwave or boiled in water, and is “saucy” for Colombian consumer taste. It is a convenient alternative to develop new moments of consumption, since it allows consumers to take their Pastas Doria everywhere.





img_t_121Lil´ Dutch Maid Crackers

The Lil’ Dutch Maid brand launched a new reference of packaged crackers to enrich the portfolio that it offers in the so–called “dollar stores” in the United States, where it has a strong presence. These crackers, which are currently produced in Colombia, will soon be manufactured in the new AbiMar Foods (formerly Fehr Foods) plant in Abilene, Texas.


Tosh Snacks

Interested in promoting a balanced lifestyle among Colombians, the Tosh brand entered the segment of healthy snacks with Tosh Snacks, a highly indulgent line, having the benefits of wellness, nutrition and pleasure for consumers. They are salty, crunchy whole–grain rice triangles and rectangles in three flavors: Sea Salt, Wild Rice, and Dried Tomatoes and Parmesan. All are made from natural whole grains; they are low in saturated fats, have no artificial flavors and contain no gluten, trans fat or cholesterol.



Festival Chokomix


Noel and Compañía Nacional de Chocolates (CNCH) Peru developed Festival Chokomix – chocolate cookies with chocolate frosting and colored sprinkles – to maintain the leadership in the segment of children’s cookies and participate in the increasingly important sub–segment of COP 200 in Colombian stores, reaching new consumers with lower purchasing power.


galletas_sodaPozuelo Wheat and Corn
Soda Crackers

In Costa Rica, Pozuelo presented its Wheat and Corn Soda Crackers, a salty cracker that combines the benefits of wheat with the flavor of corn, ideal to enjoy at home. This product comes to the market in a presentation of nine individual packages, perfect to take anywhere, and in the family presentation of 420 grams.



Cold Cuts


Practicarne Zenú


Zenú successfully launched in Colombia a new meat solution that is practical and nutritional: Practicarne. An innovative, differentiated product that comes to appropriate the most important moment of consumption of the day: lunch. Practicarne saves time because it is precooked; it does not require additional spices, oil, or salt and allows countless preparations with great flavor, texture and aroma.



piertranPietrán Chicken Ham

For Colombians who seek healthy food alternatives, and under the promise of “Taking care of you is a pleasure,” Pietrán launched its new Chicken Ham, an innovative, unique product on the market, made from 100% chicken breast; it is 96% fat free and 25% reduced sodium.


Ranchera Premium Chorizo


Ranchera launched its Premium Chorizo, made from pork, with the exclusive smoky flavor of Ranchera, with a high meat content and a spicy touch. The Ranchera Premium Chorizo comes in two presentations: a unipack chorizo for the Traditional Channel (stores) and the package of eight units for large chains (supermarkets).



Lemon Vienna Sausage

Zenú launched, as a special edition, the lemon–flavored Vienna Sausage, to refresh the category of canned sausages through an option of intense, surprising flavor. The product, in 150g presentations (6 sausages), and with the backing of the Zenú brand quality and flavor, was available on the market for three months, surpassing the projected sales budgets.





La Especial Peanut Kraks


Compañía Nacional de Chocolates, with its La Especial brand, continued to surprise with its innovation. This time it did so with the new, Japanese–type Peanut Kraks. With a price of COP 500, Colombian consumers can enjoy a delicious, coated and roasted peanut, the perfect blend of sweet and salty and between mild and crisp.



Jumbo Flow

Seeking to increase and strengthen the participation of Jumbo as a brand in the Candy Bar segment, Compañía Nacional de Chocolates launched in Colombia Jumbo Flow, with two delicious presentations: a nougat bar with peanuts and caramel covered with chocolate, and white chocolate. The aim of Jumbo Flow is to become the best option for consumers in the COP 1,000 range.


Chocolisto 50% less sugar


In May, Compañía Nacional de Chocolates launched Chocolisto 50% less sugar, with the delicious chocolate flavor that Colombian children love; it has the vitamins and minerals as always and is sweetened with Stevia, a natural sweetener. Chocolisto 50% less sugar responds to current trends in health, wellness and a balanced diet.


Jcookieset Cookies and Cream

Jet presented in Colombia its Jet Cookies and Cream, a combination of white Jet chocolate with pieces of chocolate cookies that became a new experience for chocolate lovers. In addition to the 50–gram bar, a line reference, two limited editions were presented: a Bubble filled with vanilla and pieces of chocolate cookies, and the traditional Wafer, with a chocolate cookie covered in white chocolate.


Corona Pancakes


Compañía Nacional de Chocolates launched Corona Pancakes, the easiest way to enjoy a different breakfast, since its mix comes in individual bags, separated into portions, for greater convenience in preparation. Corona Pancakes is available in two presentations: bags of 320 g and 630 g. It also includes a portion of chocolate chips to add to taste.



Ice cream


100% Country Hill Juices: Apple and Grap

Country Hill launched its new image and presentation, together with two new flavors that seek to bring consumers to the 100% natural, fresh apple and grape juices, without the addition of sugar or sweeteners, and with only the natural sweetness of the fruit.



poletMini Polet

For those who want to enjoy Polet more often and in smaller amounts, the Ice Cream Business launched in Colombia the new Mini Polet, an ideal product that delivers maximum pleasure with its creaminess and content, in an idea serving size. Mini Polet is available in the flavors of vanilla–almond, Berries, and Cookies & Cream.


Goleador Sundae


To be present during the World Cup season, in the Dominican Republic Helados BON presented the market with these sundaes in four collectible cups, with which consumers had the chance to build fun, thematic balls.


Bananito banana

Crem Helado launched Bananito in Colombia, the only popsicle that can be peeled and eaten like a banana, a new, different proposal that generated new sensory and emotional experiences. With a banana–flavored gelatin coating and vanilla ice cream in the center, Bananito generated surprise and a lot of fun among consumers.


Chocodipped Popsicles


Since the second quarter of 2014, the POPS Ice Cream Parlors in Central America have offered its consumers a new experience to create their own popsicle, combining irresistible chocolate coating and delicious toppings to taste.





krysKryzpo Air Crunch: Unique in the World

Tresmontes Lucchetti launched in the Chilean market the Kryzpo Air Crunch potato chips, the result of work with a prestigious Italian supplier, which permitted creating a unique product in the world. Kryzpo Air Crunch offers a “mesh–” or “grid–” cut potato, with a unique, distinctive texture, which gives them a crunchy, unmatched flavor. In their two varieties – original and cheese – Kryzpo Air Crunch came to revolutionize the Chilean snack market.


Flan Livean: Passion Fruit and Carame


Passion Fruit and Caramel were the exquisite flavors that Flan Livean brought to Chilean consumers seeking the perfect balance between a rich desert and feeling good. Having 0% sugar, consumers can enjoy all the creaminess and smoothness that the best flan offers in a healthier manner.


cremeGold Temptations Coffee: Crème Caramel Light and Crème Caramel Decaffeinated

To give greater warmth to the cold Chilean winter, Tresmontes launched two new flavors of Gold Temptations Coffee: Crème Caramel Light and Crème Caramel Decaffeinated, free of sugar and caffeine, and which are creamier and healthier. Consumers could not resist enjoying winter in the company of the best tasting caramel coffee.


Monterrey Coffee with Milk


With an exquisite creaminess and flavor, Tresmontes Lucchetti
launched Monterrey Coffee with Milk in the Chilean market. This line comes in a practical display of eight packets; it is very simple to prepare, as it just needs water. It is ideal as a treat with all the flavor and tradition of Monterrey.


pastaPasta Salad

Pasta Salad, introduced in the Chilean market, has a decorative shape of violets and daisies, that make it perfect to accompany salads; it has carrots, beetroot and spinach, which give it a characteristic color. This new alternative from Lucchetti has the Proslow Seal, which guarantees its preparation from Durum semolina wheat, providing low–glycemic carbohydrates.





New image of Colcafé Cappuccino


Colcafé launched the new image of Colcafé Cappuccino in the market; it is an instant mix with the characteristics of flavor, texture, foam and aroma of traditional cappuccino. This change was made to renew the image of one of the products most valued by Colombian coffee consumers, and thus brings it closer to their tastes and needs. The new, modern and elegant image highlights the product attributes, especially its palatability.


granuColcafé 250g Granulated for alternative channels

Seeking to maximize Colcafé Granulated sales through the Grupo Nutresa commercial networks, Colcafé developed an exclusive presentation of Colcafé 250g Granulated, for the direct–sales channel. Launched in March 2014, this reference has been very successful since its introduction.