Achievements and Progress 2014:


Productivity and competitiveness:

  • Consolidation of the strategic sourcing process with savings of more than COP 72 Billion.
  • Creation of a shared services sub–center in Costa Rica.
  • Beginning of Nutresa Shanghai operations and its consolidation as a purchasing office in China.


Sustainability Management:

  • Identification of environmental and social risks in the supply chain and construction of the mitigation plan.
  • Begin the Human Rights management system. Update the Grupo Nutresa Materiality Matrix and the Risk Matrix.


Excellence in Service:

  • External certification of the integrated management system in matters of quality, care of the environment, labor safety, healthy lifestyles, and personal, family and labor conciliation, ensuring that we are a world–class service provider.
  • Update the portfolio and design new services, accompanied by a management model that contributes to improving the satisfactionof Servicios Nutresa clients.






 Perspectives 2015

  • Incorporate management technologies and tools that expedite decision making, generate productivity and bring Grupo Nutresa and its businesses to consumers and clients.
  • Implement innovation, productivity and capacity–development projects for our clients.
  • Strengthen the international presence and coverage of high–quality global services, seeking additional synergies among businesses and geographies. Manage competitive sourcing in new geographies and categories.
  • Ensure the closing of gaps in Sustainability with an international focus and in the new Grupo Nutresa businesses.
  • Strengthen leadership and commitment and maintain an adequate organizational climate as a platform to accomplish results.
  • Promote a culture of client–oriented service.


Sol Beatriz Arango Mesa

[In Nutresa since 1992]