Promoting Cocoa

Traditionally, Colombia had a deficit in cocoa and the Organization had to import the majority of the requirements for this raw material, exposing itself to the risks of the international market; instability of supply, costs and risks in human rights violation.  In response, the Organization has been promoting the cultivation of cocoa in Colombia since 1958 under the Inclusive Business Model, under which Grupo Nutresa provides technical, social and business advice in the development of their crops and strengthening farmer organizations and agreeing to purchase the resulting crop.

This initiative represented a savings in the cost of cocoa for the Company, by promoting 10,000 families in 12 departments and 85 municipalities in the country, for COP 5.154 Billion for 2014, understanding that these 5,154,838 kg purchased directly from the Associations (25% of the total purchases) generates a savings of approximately COP 1,000/kg versus imported cocoa.  The work generated with these Associations products cocoa delivered with the best quality, greater grain size, a lower percentage of husks, higher butter content, less waste.



Cacaotero, Chocó.




“Nutresa Loves Children – City Version” (Nutresa Quiere a los Niños Ciudad)

This is a social program that the company promotes extended to families in sectors of Colombia with the greatest problems of security, offering a recreational space to strengthen values, family unity and self – care.  The program has achieved the recognition of the Grupo Nutresa companies, reducing situations of robbery and extortion in the distribution of the Organization’s products, from 342 cases in 2013 to 301 cases in 2014, and robberies by COP 26 million.


“Nutresa Loves Children – City Version” (Nutresa Quiere a los Niños Ciudad)

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Innovative Success Stories (Éxitos Innovadores)

Innovative Success Stories is a participatory innovation program aimed at encouraging and boosting the innovative capacity of all Grupo Nutresa employees, where they have the chance to present ideas for the continuous improvement of the processes in the Organization’s companies.  Through the Innovative Success Stories Program, company employees implemented 2,742 initiatives that allowed savings totaling COP 118.443 billion.



Health and safety at work

With the implementation of the “Family Responsible Companies” standard EFT 1000 – 1, the standard of “Healthy Organizations” and OHSAS 18001, we achieved a positive evolution in accident indicators, going from an indicator of 3.17 in 2013 to an indicator of 2.62 in 2014, implying a savings of COP 1.608 billion.



Novaventa Entrepreneur Mothers

The Novaventa Entrepreneur Mothers Network is a sustainable work model that generates income for nearly 99,000 women in Colombia and the development of an alternative commercial channel. Each Entrepreneur Mother assumes the sale of her catalogue as her own business. Novaventa finances their business with a credit quota ranging between COP 200,000 and COP 5,000,000, and provides them with the possibility of building a credit history. It gives them health training, training lectures that promote education, recreation, health, good communication and dialogue.

During 2014, 2,340 training and guidance lectures were conducted; there were nine training events and two conferences via Twitter.

In 2014, this social initiative generated income for COP 277.600 billion. The growth in sales results is due to the fact that 19,528 more Entrepreneur Mothers joined the program.

Number of mothers


Revenues (COP million)


The Client School

The Grupo Nutresa Client School is a training and advisory program that seeks to transform the evolution of clients and their businesses.  It has a history of 10 years and it currently working in partnership with Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá.

In 2014, 231 shopkeepers were trained and through the Store Certification Program, 163 stores in the major cities in Colombia received advice; to date, there are 11,197 clients in the traditional and self – service channels.



Commercial Developers

Commercial Developers is a social – business innovation that aims to design and execute value proposals for clients, which generate growth in sales in the business in general and of our categories; it also contributed to achieving the mission of Comercial Nutresa, which is to be the best partner for our clients. In turn, it generates growth in the businesses of our clients on an average of 22,3% within one year and a half of implementation. Since its inception in 2010 until 2014, for the Organization it generated a growth in sales of COP 37,2 billion and a growth of 89,3% in the visibility of our brands, measures in linear centimeters of display.